About Us

An immigration consultancy firm

Sandpiper Visas

Sandpiper Visas is an immigration consultancy firm that handles all aspects of International relocation to countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We are an end-to-end service that makes it absolutely hassle-free to obtain Visa, be it permanent residency (PR) visa, visitor visa, work visa, student visa, business visa, or even a dependent visa.

Our goal, at Sandpiper Visas, is to make sure all our clients get their Visas without spending too much of money or time. It all starts with a free assessment session, during which we establish the eligibility of the candidate to obtain the desired Visa. Then in the most cost-effective way, we work towards making it as convenient as possible for our eligible clients to relocate to the countries of their choice.

Our team members come with extensive knowledge about the Visa eligibility requirements and application procedures. Through a network of established MARA agents and immigration lawyers in Australia, they have helped many settle down abroad with valid Visas. Comprised of self-driven individuals working towards the common objective of helping our clients achieve their goals, our team has no qualms about walking that extra mile if it leads towards the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

Our Vision

To emerge as a quality-driven service that everyone can trust when it comes to obtaining Visas and relocating to countries of their choice.

Our Mission

To offer end-to-end support to those who wish to relocate internationally in the most hassle-free and cost-effective way.

Our Principles

We don’t offer false promises. Honesty for us, is the only way to win over your trust.
You can always count on us to help you achieve your goal. We never stray.
We don’t rest until we make sure you have achieved your goal. Our focus is our strength.
We want you to be absolutely clear about what you are getting into. We don’t hide anything.

Why Us?

We are a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge about the Visa eligibility requirements and application procedures. We have achieved 100% success rate in helping people settle down in the countries of their choice.

Our charges are the lowest that you can find in the industry. We collect our fees in easy-to-pay installments at various stages of Visa processing.

We complete the entire Visa documentation for you, preparing every paper that you will have to submit. All that you need to do is get them signed. We make sure the entire procedure is absolutely hassle-free for you.

We don’t take money from you unless we are absolutely sure we can help you obtain your Visa. Our relationship with you always starts with a free assessment in which we establish your eligibility to obtain the desired Visa.

We give you personalized attention and offer you complete support at all stages of your immigration journey. Whether it is about giving you information or clarifying your queries, we will always be there by your side.