Applying for Visa to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.


International relocation would mean excellent career prospects, great opportunities to make money and high quality living that can transform your life. Sandpiper Visas makes this possible by offering all the help that you would need in applying for Visa to countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Whether it is about obtaining a visit visa, work visa, student visa, or a permanent residence visa, we make sure you will find the process absolutely hassle-free.


Mesmerizing landscapes, diverse culture, numerous career opportunities, low-unemployment rate, excellent education, and high standard-of-living, are all the reasons you may need to migrate to Australia. Being an immigrant-friendly nation, Australia does not discriminate people on the basis of nationality, religion, or race. As long as you qualify against the criteria set out in law, you can easily get a permanent residence visa to Australia. The minimum wage level in Australia is much higher than countries like UK and USA. A full-time employment in Australia does not require you to work more than 38 hours per week, which is why people who migrate to Australia find it easier to achieve an excellent work-life balance. The huge demand for skilled workers makes it worthwhile to migrate to Australia.



The rich economy, the wealth of natural resources, countless job opportunities, excellent working conditions, and the best ever educational and health facilities, are enough reasons for anyone to take the decision to migrate to Canada. Being one of the biggest immigration delivery support hubs of the world, Canada keeps its immigration quota open even during periods of recession. With a wide range of immigration as well as Visa programs, Canadian government makes it possible for many skilled workers and investors, from across the world, to migrate to Canada. Apart from the right to live and work in the country, a Canadian PR Visa also helps you enjoy Visa-free travel to almost all major countries of the world. Migrate to Canada to avail excellent trade as well as personal growth opportunities.

New Zealand

Excellent career prospects, beautiful landscapes, low cost of living, favorable climate, high quality of life, a leading educational system, a chance to lead a happy family life – there are many reasons that make it worthwhile to migrate to New Zealand. Ranked fourth safest country in the world, families in New Zealand get to enjoy a completely safe and relaxed outdoor lifestyle that you can hardly imagine anywhere else. With skill shortages in more than 150 occupations, New Zealand provides numerous job opportunities for those who are into construction, engineering, science, health, IST, and tourism. If you thought New Zealand would take you way too far away from your friends and family, remember there is always Skype and Facetime, and all those frequent and affordable flights to all parts of the world.

Sandpiper Visas has made it possible for many to migrate and settle down in these countries with valid Visas. It won’t be difficult for you to get one if you qualify. Get in touch with our experts and avail a free assessment session to find out if you can migrate to any of these countries.


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