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Sandpiper Visas offers complete support to obtain different categories of Visa to countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. By handling the entire documentation, we make sure our clients face absolutely no hassles during the process. We will be glad to provide any information that you need and are always there for you to clarify your queries. We offer help with regard to:

Permanent Residency Visa

A PR or Permanent Residency Visa gives you the permanent right to reside in a country, of which you may not be a citizen. You get a legal right to work in that country without any restrictions and if you stay for a minimum period of time (usually 5 years), you can also apply for your citizenship. Sandpiper Visas offers you all the help that you need to obtain PR Visas for Australia and Canada.

Visitor Visa

Also known as tourist visa, a visitor visa will allow you a temporary entry into a foreign country for spending your holiday, visiting family or friends, or any other short-term purpose that is not work-related. You may have to leave the country upon the expiry of your visitor visa. Sandpiper Visas can help you obtain visitor visas to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand provided you are a passport holder.

Dependent Visa

The dependent visa is a visa category that lets the dependents of a person who may be a permanent resident or a citizen of another country to apply and join him. It applies mainly to the spouse, children (below 25 years), and aged parents or grandparents of the resident. Sandpiper Visas can help you obtain dependent visas to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand if a family member of yours is a resident there.

Student Visa

Student Visa is issued to international students who wish to pursue their higher education in a country of their choice. You will be able to apply for a student visa only if an educational institution of the country has accepted your admission application. Sandpiper Visas can help you obtain student visa to Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, provided your admission application has been approved.

Business Visa

Business Visa is a Visa Category you can apply for, if you are planning to travel to another country on business-related reason for a short duration. The common reasons include attending meetings or business events, participating in unpaid training, and investigating business opportunities and ventures. Sandpiper Visas can help in obtaining business visas to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Work Visa

A work permit or work visa is a visa category that allows a person to earn income or compensation in a country of his choice. It is valid for full-time employment, part-time employment, contractual labor, or working in retail. The requirements and processes vary from country to country. Sandpiper Visas can offer all the necessary help in obtaining work visa in countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

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