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why immigrate to australia

here are few good reasons to move and settle in Australia

Australia is a politically stable, culturally diverse and democratic society with a skilled workforce and a strong, competitive economy. Australia’s overseas born resident population is close to 30%, which shows how friendly and welcoming this country is for Immigrants. Australia’s multicultural society includes its Indigenous peoples and migrants from some 200 countries.

Australia has opened more than 190,000 opportunities for Skilled Immigrants to work and settle in Australia for 2021-22.

Diverse & inclusive

This immigrant friendly country is built by people from different background and culture. The people here are very friendly and welcoming. There is no language barrier in Australia

subsidized healthcare

Australia's Medicare system provides access to a wide range of health care services, free medical treatments in public hospitals and lower costs for prescription medicines

Excellent Education system

Australian Public Schools provides high quality education to Primary, Secondary and Territory students for free of cost or at subsidized prices

career opportunities

Australia's economy and industries are growing at a rapid pace and this has created a numerous job opportunities for Migrants

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eligibility criteria
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skilled Independent visa

Subclass 189

The 189 Visa is the most common and point based Visa which is awarded to Skilled workers who are not sponsored by an Australian Employer, State, Territory or Relatives. This visa lets you work and study anywhere in Australia and you are also allowed sponsor eligible Relatives for PR
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Skilled Nominated Visa

Subclass 190

The 190 Visa is also a points based Visa which is awarded to people nominated by Australian State or Territory government. This is an excellent option if you don't have enough points for Skilled Independent Visa. With this Visa you can stay, work and study in Australia permanently
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Skilled Regional Visa

Subclass 491

The 491 Visa allows Skilled workers live in a Regional area of Australia for up to 5 years. With this Visa you can live, work and study in Australia for up to 5 years and you can bring in your immediate family as well. People with 491 Visa also given preference in Permanent Residency
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tourist visa

Subclass 600

If you are planning meet a friend or family in Australia or looking for a casual trip to explore the beauty of Australia, this is the visa you should apply for. This visa allows you to visit Australia for up to three, six or 12 months.
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student visa

Subclass 500

Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world. Apply for Student Visa and start studying in the university of your choice. The 500 Visa is valid for 5 years and it allows you to bring your family to Australia. You can also work for up to 40 hours every two weeks once your college term starts
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TSS Visa

Subclass 482

Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa is an Employer sponsored visa which allows you to stay and work in Australia for up to 4 years. The Employer should file nomination with the Department of Home Affairs(DHA), and if approved the applicant should apply for the Visa within 6 months
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