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dependent visa

settle with your family

The dependent visa is a visa category that lets the dependents of a person who may be a permanent resident or a citizen of another country to apply and join him. It applies mainly to the spouse, children (below 25 years), and aged parents or grandparents of the resident. Sandpiper Visas will guide you on the entire process of dependent visas to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand if a family member of yours is a resident there.


the benefits of dependent visa

Here are few benefits that Dependent Visa can offer


settle with your loved ones


You are allowed to work


You can travel across the country

Where would you like to settle

Here are the most immigrant friendly countries that offer Dependent Visa

Canada Transparent


Australia Transparent


New Zealand Map

new zealand

here's our simple 4 step process

4 Simple Steps To Successfully Get Your Visa


free assessment

Based on your age, qualification, experience and skills, we establish your eligibility to migrate internationally. We don’t charge you anything for this



We give you complete information about the process of obtaining Visa, including time-frames, documentation required, and preparations to be done



Our team of professionals provides you all the help you may need, to prepare the documentation. All you then need to do is get it signed. As simple as that



Upon the receipt of the invite from consulate, we help you with all the nitty-gritties associated with the submission of your Visa application.

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