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6 striking reasons to why it’s good migrate to Canada with PR

Top 6 reasons to migrate to Canada from India with a PR visa
Canada Migration

Canada! A dear land for millions of Indians and, at times, a dream of extreme rejoice. Such are the emotions of Indians for Canada, and it couldn’t get any bigger. If that sounds relatable and fun, let’s get straight to our topic, why migrate to Canada with PR (as in a permanent residence) without further ado. Well, a PR status is a very prominent immigration road to Canada. You get to enjoy several legal rights and abilities in Canada. There is not one or two but so many things you ought to know about the permanent residence, which probably would open doors to plenty of opportunities, so you won’t stop obsessing about them. Here we go! 

Keynotes about the PR status in Canada

1) First, yes, as the name suggests, its permanent status means that it doesn’t lapse or expire. 

2) You are free to move from one province to another, stay in the country as long as you want. 

3) Plus, you can also sponsor your spouse and children to accompany you. 

4) To keep the PR status, you must stay in the country for 2 out of every five years. 

5) Suppose you can manage to live in the country for 3 out of every five years. In that case, you’ll be permitted to apply for Canadian Citizenship (only then you‘ll be legally allowed to vote and run for a political office if you really wish for it). 

6) Even after becoming a permanent resident in Canada, you can still be and hold your Indian citizenship. 

7) The most renowned immigration option that is ideal for Indians are Provincial Nominee Program and Federal Skilled Worker Program. Which basically allows you into the country without any Canadian experience or job offer and is also a rapid immigration system. 

8) Other benefits that you can get are jobs, health care, education, of course, still many and many more benefits of PR in Canada. 

what are the major benefits of becoming PR from india in canada?

1. a skyrocketing economy and rousing job opportunities

Canada holds an excellent reputation for being among the world’s biggest economies. Yeah, that alone is the witness to all those booming career opportunities in the country. Not to mention, Canada wholeheartedly welcomes several immigrants into the country every year, for that matter, and it won’t stop anytime soon either. 

Industries like Oil and gas, healthcare, infrastructure, construction, and many others provide and are still proving significant jobs. The Canadian city of Toronto is becoming Canada’s new tech hub thanks to the advancing tech and its invaluable contributors. Big cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are great bliss. 

2. world-class healthcare for free

When it comes to providing healthcare to every citizen of the country, it’s an adamant thing, and big to big countries struggle to do so. On the other hand, Canada strives to do a better job of providing world-class healthcare to immigrants on permanent residence status as well. They have excellent healthcare in place, with the best people doing a wonderful job. And guess what, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for it. Generally, you’ll get Canada’s state-of-the-art services and facilities for free for you and your family via this PR status. 

3. free high school services in canada

The Canadian high school provides free education to its residents and that good news. Yeah, you heard it right! Education in Canada is free for your children with ages below or equivalent to 18 given that you migrate to Canada with a PR status. If you really look at it, it’s a big bonus and ideally could become a huge turning point for children taking one of the fantastic education services in the world. 

With more advanced technology and teachings reaching their classrooms, you’ll be one happy parent for sure. Apart from the education, your child will receive greater exposure to different cultures, people, and languages, enhancing their network and social interactions. 

4. you can enjoy a safe place with lots of hope and space

Canada is the 2nd largest country globally, and without a doubt, it’s one of the safest countries in the world. Here’s the proof, the 2019 Global Peace Index listed Canada as the 6th safest country internationally, and being on the multicultural side, this achievement is very much appreciable. People come to Canada from every nook and corner of the world and stay happily in the country for decades afterward. 

Such is the safety and protection of its citizens and people residing in the country. Many students migrate to Canada majorly because of this reason.  Now, because Canada is such a vast country with rich natural resources, it’s also convenient and spacious for even a more significant population. And who wouldn’t want it? 

5. social securities right at your use

We have hugely spoken about the benefits of living in Canada with a PR, and here we have another one, of course. That’s because the government heavily invests in the public and cares about their needs. 

You with a PR status can thoroughly enjoy subsidies, basic pension, tax benefits, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and a lot more. Again this is unlikely to happen in any other countries, or it wouldn’t be possible too soon as you step into the country. That’s the specialty, we must say. 

6. a society of extremely welcoming people 

We can’t stress the welcoming nature of Canada as it still would be so less. However, that’s the most beautiful thing about Canada. They humbly welcome people into the country and provide them with all the amenities they need to lead a good life. And so they finally have this multi-cultural environment that’s calm, peaceful, and pleasing. 

Unlike other countries, Canada is still so optimistic about welcoming newcomers. And do you know every one out of five people in Canada are immigrants from different countries? And surprisingly, in a big city like Toronto, more than half of the population are from other countries. 

what’s the ideal pathway to get PR being an indian? 

There are several immigration pathways to become a permanent resident in Canada. If you ask us to pick one or two best ways, we would say go with either the Federal Skilled Worker Program or Provincial Nominee Program. And not to mention that this is a competitive immigration system means that it uses a point-based system to shortlist candidates. 

The higher the score, the bigger the chances to get the ticket to PR. The procedure would see factors like your age, education, English and French Language proficiency, work experience, and several others to score you. And while doing so, if you feel like needing any expert assistance, we are right here and would be glad to help. 



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